Thoughts of today are surrounded on ministry. I have found my calling and that is ministry. There is a distinction between ministry and mission. Ministry is serving and building up current followers of Christ and mission is finding those to provide ministry to through non-threatening environments and activities.

I am not opposed to mission, and I am not saying that mission shouldn't be a part of every Christian life. I am merely saying that there is a time for ministry and a time for mission, and I've got the ministry time covered :)

I have gotten the entire annual report for Redeemer Lutheran Church read through and found out what ministry things that the current intern, Phil Morris, has been doing. I am truly excited and scared at the same time for this coming year. Phil has taken the harder part of the time with the church being as he basically reformed the youth ministry that had been semi-dormant. It will be my responsibility to continue ministry where Phil left off.

My biggest fear would be planning events and then having them fall through due to lack of attendance. I am not afraid of meeting new people, planning ministry, or leading bible study discussions; I'm actually really excited for that.

Ministry has been something that I have been waiting to do full time ever since I graduated high school, now I will get the opportunity to form quality ministry for a full year. I will take the learnings and experiences from the coming year into my professional career in ministry.

There is a book called Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne. I highly recommend reading it for any of you looking at forming ministry in the future. Shane talks about how he had a house that he bought and lived in. This wasn't an ordinary house, it was an open house. Shane left this house open for anybody to come in and have fellowship and free food and drink. Shane would often have school kids coming to the house after school to work on homework and get free tutoring and food.

This type of ministry is something that has been on my heart for a long time. I will have the opportunity to provide this house to the college students of Northern Michigan University and I am so anxious to allow God to work miracles through that!

In essence, ministry is what I'm called to do and I am fully prepared to answer that call. May God use me to further His Kingdom.

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