I am no Super Hero

I have been reading over the internship documents from Redeemer and the more I read them the more I become afraid that I cannot do what it takes to help the youth of that area come to know Christ. I am horribly inadequate. I am very talkative, but only after I warm up to people. Sure I play guitar, sure I am young and "hip" and can relate, but the more I look at those qualities, the more I think to myself. "Does it really matter?"

Does the Church, the body of believers, need a youth minister who can save the youth of this next generation? No. Does the Church need someone who can save the youth of this next generation? Absolutely. I just got done reading probably the most helpful thing about my future ministry, it is from the book Contemplative Youth Ministry by Mark Yaconelli. Mark is talking about what churches in Southern California were looking for in a youth minister. Here is what he finds out: "A 20 something, attractive, guitar-playing, charismatic, youth-savvy, hip, hard-working, van-driving, free-spirited, denominationally-loyal, Jesus-loving, Bible-carrying, old-people-friendly, faith-filled, fiscally responsible, youth leader (preferably male with decorative facial hair and a mountain bike strapped to his car roof - or, if he's unavailable, a spunky, to-die-for, fashion-conscious female who will cry once on youth Sundays and twice on summer mission trips)." (Page 141).

Here is where I say, uh-oh... Looks like I won't be able to take a call to Southern Cali... :( Then, after thinking about how ridiculous this is, I begin to wonder what these churches actually need. The answer of course is a Savior. I look at this quote and I fear that ministry has become some sort of marketable trait. Ministry, true ministry, is the work of the Holy Spirit and cannot be judged.

I cannot be that youth minister to the people at Redeemer, I'm not a super hero, part of me feels inadequate, but a huge part of me knows that the folks at Redeemer are going to receive something so much greater than me. I am going to give them Jesus.

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