Last night was my first ever chance to lead a youth night entitled Antioch. Antioch is in reference to Acts 11:26 in which the first believers were called Christians. I thought that was kind of neat being the youth are learning what it means to be Christian and live a Christian life.

The big significance that I learned last night was that Christian life cannot be a standard amongst all people and age-groups. High school youth are mature young individuals; however, they still love being active and acting goofy. We as adults tend to expect very deep insight from the youth that we serve. As I look back at my high school experience, there were some things that I never understood as a high school youth and I don't think that should be expected of our youth.

Don't get me wrong, we shouldn't "dumb down" our teachings for high school youth. Instead, how about we allow our high school youth drive our teachings? Rather than stealing the youth from our youth, let's try and feed that side of their life and perhaps they will be further receptive to God who allows youth to just be. Youth.

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