Land of Snow!

Marquette, Michigan. That is where I will be spending my one year DCE internship. I am closing up my fourth year of school at Concordia University - St Paul and opening the book to my next year with an internship experience. As a Director of Christian Education, I will be serving ministry for the year at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Marquette, Michigan. I am exceptionally prepared for God to work through me and within me during this time of growth and change.

Some of you may be asking, where in the world is Marquette, Michigan? Well, here is a map to help you out. I show you a map because I cannot use my hand via the internet.

That's right, it is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. A friend gladly also pointed out to me that it is the 3rd most snowiest city in the nation. If that's not enough, I talked with Pastor Weber, the senior pastor there; and he said that they had a mild winter this past season in which they had only 141" of snow.
Another friend of mine said when he was there serving a church, the houses have a second story door without a porch. Upon inquiring what the door is there for, a resident said that was where they parked their snowmobiles! This is unfathomable to me, all I can hope for is a two story house. I may have an easy "call in" option for work if I am caved into my house!
I am right off of the Northern Michigan University campus, which serves as a great young adult ministry opportunity and look forward to being a refuge home for those attending the university. This is a dream come true because I have always had the concept of opening my home up as a safe home for anyone who needs anything.

Overall, this is a very exciting time for me, the love of my life is being more supportive than I could ever need and I hear nothing but good things about the congregation I will be serving. I look forward to allowing God to work in and through me this coming year to better form me for full time ministry.

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