A New Day

After reflecting on this year's Easter season, I have come to the conclusion that every day should be a mini-Easter in my life. Beginning every morning with the resurrected Christ will revolutionize every thing that happens throughout the day. Every decision that I make, every thought I have, and every thing I do, will be the resurrected Christ within me.

I have been reading a book called Contemplative Youth Ministry by Mark Yaconelli. This is a great book that can be used for Youth Ministry in the Church. Mark talks about The Inner Voice. The Inner Voice is basically having this connection with God throughout the day. It usually takes place during inbetween times, taking the random times that we are walking to class, or to our car and speaking to God and listening to His Voice in your day. I have been doing this for the past week and it has been amazing.

Often times, we are so swarmed with busyness that we don't leave enough room to hear God's Voice. God still speaks to His people to this day, we just haven't been able to hear. A key word in the Christian faith is availability. We must be available to God.

It is a new day. Every night I die and my sin dies with Jesus on the Cross, and every day I rise with the resurrected Christ.

I pray that the resurrected Christ be with you all and give you peace.

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