Technological Analogies to Life

This is how I feel lately...

I'm all full up and am running slower than usual.  If only I could use the "disk cleanup" on my life.  So now the analogies* come.

I can "compress" my life by creating a to do list and organizing what needs to be done.

I can "defragment" my life by taking the to do list and prioritizing it and knock things out one by one.

I can "delete" parts of the things on my to do list, but then again what if I need to do them again and now their gone...

I can "archive" some of the items, put them on other peoples' disks.

I can "format" my life, but that would be baaaaaad.....

I can "scan" my life with anti-virus but that just wouldn't do anything.

But then again, I could just move some things in my life to another area like I would move some items to an external hard drive.

Or... I could get rid of my 20 gigabyte partition of Ubuntu that I still have installed and haven't used for ages.  But that's just crazy talk!

*Remember as you read this that all analogies tend to fall short of what is actually meant.

Back in the Races!

It has been a very very busy few months.  As things wind down to the spring break mission trip to Tennessee, and the possibility of a summer trip for high school students; things are gearing up!

I have not made a blog post in a number of months and it makes me quite sad.  (Among other folks)  I like the way that writing a blog post calms a person down.  It provides a release of some pressure from the day in and day out of leading two very prominent ministry groups.

I thought I would make this a little personal and share some of the joys and sorrows thus far being on internship.

I will start with the sorrows because it is always good to end on a joyful note :)

The single most difficult sorrow that I have had for the past several months is the long distance relationship that I have with my fiancĂ©e Kristi.  We connect briefly every day but there seems to be a need for more.  She provides a sense of balance in my chaotic world in Marquette, MI and that is the joyful side of things.

The other sorrow that I have is the lingering question of am I providing an effective and active ministry on both campus and high school fronts for the congregation?  This sense of insecurity has followed me for my entire life.  But I continue to study God's Word and practice the Spiritual Disciplines and things tend to look up.  I may not have a large following, but that isn't really what it is all about now is it?  The quality of the relationships that I have with folks is evidence that God is still working through me.

Joys.  There is nothing greater than hearing from a high school students mother that her kid really looks forward to youth nights.  All the stressful planning sort of pays off when you realize that the students really like it and have a good time.

One of the other biggest joys that I have is the campus ministry crew.  These are college students who aren't being forced to do something.  Nobody is putting a gun to their head saying they must attend a weekly bible study.  And yet.  They do!  To see people so passionate about their faith and learning more about God has been the light in the dark alley for me.

Overall, internship has been a joyous experience thus far.  Even the sorrows that I have listed were overcome with joys.  The Lord has blessed me greatly with a supportive staff and a great number of members in the congregation who love me dearly.

Back to the races!