The Game

Lately I have been playing the recent graduate try and find a job game.  It has not been good to me.  Never have I ever felt so confident but so crushed at the same time.  Every interview comes and goes with a disappointing: "We hired the other guy."  I don't understand what I am doing that doesn't qualify me for these jobs.  Every time I interview I feel like I answer the questions great and even become friendly with the interviewers, all while demonstrating my knowledge and experience.

I had thought that getting a job as a help desk worker would be easy looking at the nearly 30,000 IT openings in Minnesota alone.  But there must be double or triple that many folks trying to get at these openings.  I am quickly finding out that entry level does not mean entry level.

Through this process I have been reading through Scripture and it has been very relieving.  It has put my mind and heart at ease because though I do not know God's timing, I have faith it is perfect.  I have been touched to intentionally dive into my own hobby and turn it into a side business.  Something that will hopefully supplement my income and allow me to pay my debtor back the money that I have borrowed. 

So there you have it, I'm starting a business.  What is said business? You may ask.  I don't have a name yet but it is a service-based business.  The main goal is to provide technical support and development to churches in order that they may spend their time doing ministry and not fixing technology issues.  I plan on using my experience and knowledge of the inner workings of church communities and all things technical to ensure the greatest amount of outreach impact and appeal for the Christian community through the use of technology. 

I look forward to this journey that God is taking me down.  And most importantly look forward to serving the congregations in need in this Twin Cities Community.