Life on the Kuhl Farm - Day 4

Today I woke up at the crack of dawn, if not before, to say goodbye for now to my princess. She was headed up the road to Menaga, MN to do some staff training for summer camp. The next few days will be interesting without her here...

Woke up at 8:20am to King Burdell tapping awkwardly on my knee saying "king, its time to get up for church!" This startled me a little and then I rolled back to sleep. Then the princess' sister Kayli came to the door and stood there and hollered to get up and get dressed for church. This is when I woke up and got dressed for church. I threw on some black slacks and a bright red shirt and novelty tie with books of the bible on it that I got from the Kuhl family just the previous Christmas.

That was when I walked into the bathroom to tie the tie and saw my hair and gasped! I needed the new P.C. that King Burdell gave me for my birthday! I swept the P.C. through my hair until it laid nice and greasily flat. I didn't have near enough time to shower. I brushed my teeth and then walked downstairs to grab my Sunday shoes. (Yes, I own Sunday shoes...) We hopped in the pickup and away to church we went.

King Burdell and I had some small talk in the pickup on the way to church and then arrived and the talking came to a halt so they could try and find a place at the senior breakfast to put me as I am not a part of the Kuhl family...yet. Once I got settled into the chair I continued my usual silence while everyone talked about old times around me, I occasionally will insert my two cents here and there. Then Burdell will mention me and my connection with her daughter and my upcoming internship in Marquette, MI. Then I would feel welcomed into the conversation only for the moment until they continued talking farm talk. :)

Breakfast had a few speakers who spoke about the post high school adventures and safe decisions yadda-yadda-yadda. Most of the monologue was concluded with some sort of statement of encouragement in Christ and staying connected with God in college and life beyond. After breakfast we went up to the sanctuary.

We sat through the service and watched Mindy receive her senior quilt from the congregation as well as Mindy play viola as Jolene accompanied her. After the church service Burdell and I went out to Subway to have some quality man bonding time. We had some great conversation regarding his church and the general situation of the church of this century.

We got back to home base and immediately went to work on changing the oil in my car. This was some more fun man bonding time. I heard old time stories of old friends of Burdell's. While we were waiting for the oil to drain we began taking my passenger door apart. We did this because my window didn't stay shut due to a mechanism failure.

This was the most difficult part of the project. We got the door apart successfully and now we had to try and figure out how to block the window up so it stays shut. We toyed with several different ideas from a bolt to a 2x4, we ended up using a small lathe. We got it in successfully and now we had to figure out how it will stay secure. We were on a farm so we grabbed some wire. All there and secured, we began to put the door back together.

Once we cleaned up the shop, we slowly made our way over to the Morten shed to help the ladies with whatever setup needs to be done. Turns out they had quilts that needed hanging. This was a task. It would have been really easy if we all agreed on one way to get the job done. We had two 18 ft long 2x2 bars that we would place the quilts between and then we c-clamped them together. Easy right? Try again, this project alone took nearly two hours to complete. Once we got it c-clamped we got it hung up on pullies attached to the rafters of the shed.

Once this was done I was ready for a nap. I went inside only to find more work to be done. It was nearly 5pm and the Kuhls' were headed to a graduation party of a person I did not know so I just as well stayed at home base. I then hopped on the kabota lawn mower and finished up some lawn that Burdell had yet to do. This was good because it kept me busy.

I finished with that in about an hour and then I came inside and made some mac'n'cheese for dinner. I walked upstairs and ate food while watching House. After this, I got ready for bed and then a certain princess called me up. :)

This was the perfect end to a day of work. Stay tuned for the next update!

Life on the Kuhl Farm - Day 3

Today was an early morning for my princess, but she let me sleep in. Kristi was in the shed all morning listening to orders from the Queen. She ended up falling off of a 7' ladder that was sitting on a flatbed pickup truck. Don't worry, she was fine and the Queen didn't even flinch seeing her princess fall.

The shed is coming together, we got the trailer in with all the displays up, we got the main tables up, got the chairs all power washed and wiped and ready. We rode to the snowmobile club to get the rest of the chairs. Thankfully those were clean already.

I'm starting to realize the relationship between the king and queen and how to work with both. Hopefully I am making a good enough impression with the king because that's the important part.

The afternoon seemed to fly right by. Getting ready for a late night drive-in movie in Luverne with the crew got me pumped. Kristi and I went and saw Mindy at KFC and ate there for dinner. Then we came back home and got ready for the drive-in. Packed all the blankets we could see which are now currently laying strewn on the floor of the bedroom I am using and pillows to lay on. We saw Shrek 3 and Iron Man 2. I dozed during Shrek to be sure to be wide awake for Iron Man 2. We had some cranky neighbors in a Hummer and I just wanted to ask them why they purchased a Hummer. (they aren't nearly as efficient as the Chevy pickup we were driving).

We drove back home after the drive-in and crashed for the night. Tomorrow we will get to sleep in :) Today will be the day that we celebrate 6 months of dating (the date isn't until the 28th but we will be apart so this is an early celebration). The plan is to take her to the Falling Waters Grille in Souix Falls. She has the entertainment aspect of the evening :)

That's all for now, stay tuned for the next update!

Life on the Kuhl Farm - Day 2

This morning started late, slept in till about 11am. My princess and I woke up to make some stew for lunch and then we got ready for the day. We hopped on the horse to ride into the field and pick rock. It was very windy, we nearly got blown away. Kristi found the largest rock and won that competition. Apparently this meant that I had to make dinner for us. I was okay with it. :)

After we got back from picking rock, we took a nap while we waited for King Kuhl to arrive back from planting for his friend. We eventually got up and decided it was time to play with the new litter of kittens we found the day before.

When King Kuhl arrived back at the cottage we immediately were put to work. We had to clean out the biggest shed on the Kuhl Farm. The Morten shed was full of all sorts of machinery and dust and dirt and we had to clean it up for Kristi's sister's graduation party. We began by moving the machinery out and then started sweepin'! This was a chore and the Morten shed seemed to be bigger after we began this task.

After we finished sweeping, King Kuhl ran through the shed with an air compressor hose. Once all the dust was out and gone, we fired up the power washer. I was the water transportation engineer, as you can see:

Later that evening we had a lovely bonfire with the friends. Activities included star tipping (which I had never done before) and a few rounds of sardines. This was a great end to a long day.

Stay tuned for the next update!

Life on the Kuhl Farm - Day 1

So after school got out, I went home and looked forward to visiting the magical land of the Kuhl Farm. Mainly I was excited to meet the princess of the Kuhl Farm, Miss Kristi Kuhl herself :). On Tuesday morning I took off driving to Worthington, it was quite the trek. 3 hours later, I arrived at the magical land of the Kuhl Farm and lo to my surprise, the princess was not there :(. I met the queen, Mrs. Jolene Kuhl, and man did she have work for me. It was like I had to serve the queen to be graced with the presence of the princess.

The princess arrived!! As I was watering the flowers all dirty and grimy, the princess arrives in her beautiful outfit. She runs up to me and gives me a wonderful hug and says that she has an issue. I asked her what it was and she said that she could not tell me. I began to ask her if it was life or death and she said maybe, if it doesn't get fixed in two hours. I immediately insisted that she tell me what was wrong and then she told me the story of how an evil man was after her. As much as she remembers he was after her with a lustful glare. And I told her that I'd protect her from this evil man. And that we needed to go fight him off immediately because I cannot stand to see my princess in such turmoil.

We ran inside the cottage and I stood by the door to protect my princess from such an evil man. Then my princess ran up to me and hugged me from behind and gave me a huge kiss on the cheek and told me that the man had been ceased in the courtyard after the armed guardsmen saw him chase after a woman. It was a happy ending to an even happier stay.

I just happened to come to the magical land of the Kuhl Farm on the day of my birth and oh did my princess have surprises for me. First she pulls out a binder full of hand typed recipes that I would be wise to use. "This is just the beginning" my princess says. After that she throws a bag of mints at me and says "happy birthday surprise number 2!" The night is getting better and better. Before we take off to the city to watch her sisters sing and play in a concert performance at Worthington Senior High, she takes me outside, blindfolds me and makes me think that I am getting something named Daniel. Turns out that Daniel is a poster board used to store a custom made photo collage of our first 5 months of dating. :)

Later in the evening we made four cakes to be eaten at the celebration of birth the following evening. The best part was when we were done with the chocolate batter, King Burdell offered to clean off the spoon and the bowl. Baking cakes was an experience that I hope to relive in the future with my princess.

The close of the night we packed up the wagon with blankets and pillows and went out past the farm and into one of the fields to watch the night sky and saw several shooting stars as well as the edge of the Milky Way. After this we rode the wagon back to the cottage and said goodnight for the evening.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's grand adventure at the magical land of the Kuhl Farm!


Congratulations to the graduates of Concordia University - St Paul! I hope God's blessings on all of your future endeavors and that God will give you guidance in this ever-changing economic times. Remember to hold God's love close to your every move and don't ever forget about the differences that your collegiate career has made on your lives.


Just thought that I would throw a shout out to Kevin Hall this day for my appreciation of his final examination process. I am all for testing learnings, but when it falls under such stressful conditions, I would much rather demonstrate my learnings in a way that is less stressing.

I personally had no experience with final exams until I first came to college. Let me tell you, they were the death of me. The way that I went through high school was turning in final presentations to demonstrate my learnings throughout the course. I feel it is more recall than recognition processing. And most people learn and retain more information when it is recall and applicable than just plain recognition.

This begs the question, how much am I actually learning from my courses that do have final exams that I tend to cram for no matter how hard I try not to? There are a few professors that understand the importance of recall memory and application and emphasize it in their class. I appreciate these professors.

Overall, I look back at the courses that I have taken and remembered the most from and none of them had final examination tests at the end. Let's look into life application learning and recall presenting.


This is a confessional post. I, Adam David Ave-Lallemant, a soon-to-be 22 year old male, play World of Warcraft. I am NOT addicted. I KNOW the importance of real life. I am in a committed relationship and I DO hold my girlfriend in higher priority than World of Warcraft. And finally, my mother does NOT pay for my World of Warcraft subscription.

Whew. Now that I got that off my chest. People can criticize and judge all they want, I'm a gamer and I love my life AND my girlfriend.


There seems to be a lot of controversy over some of my posts. I'd like to remind people that I am merely stating my outlook on things and I am not a perfect individual. A personal blog is meant to be a personal reflection and reaction. There should be no room for personal attacks on a personal blog. I have tried my hardest not to personally attack anyone in any of my posts and I hope the readers would do the same. I respectfully post my viewpoint and opinion with all the love that Christ has given me and sometimes it may come off as a personal attack but I'd like to point you to the several times in which Christ called out the pharisees and sadducees. He did it because He loved them, and I hope to portray the same.