In this day and age ministry is fluctuating a ton. There are things that often times keep us so busy in the world that we forget that we are not of the world. It is really hard to work in youth ministry now-a-days because youth are kept so busy with sports and other extra curricular activities that they can't even have dinner with their families.

Maybe there is a way to combine ministry with athletic training or drama practice? I'm not sure. I think it may be time for the Church to rethink programming and emphasize relationship building through presence. I'm starting to look at going to athletic events and drama performances and having open lunch with the high school students to build relationships and show them that there really is interest in what they are doing.

We don't need to take the high school students away from their activities, we need to take the presence of Christ to their activities.

I get depressed whenever there are two or three or four kids at events that I take time to plan. But maybe I'm expecting too much in just having the event available and rather I should go where they are.

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