Geo-Caching FTW!

Last week, I started the wonderful art of Geo-Caching. Geo-Caching is a worldwide community of hide and seekers. People hide caches all around the world and tag them with GPS coordinates. Then anyone can use a GPS to try and find the caches and log that they found it.

There are hundreds in Marquette alone and my goal is to find them all before I leave in a year. I know that it is crazy, but I figure, if I find at least 5 a week; I will have found them all.

During one of the cache hunts, Samantha and I came across a buck. We were within 30 yards of it. I tried to take a picture of it, but my phone was not that good of quality... Here is the picture:

Here are some more pictures from some of the caches we found:

Goin' out to find some more caches!

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