God as a Child

So in memory of Rooted, which is a college Bible study group that meets weekly, I am going to tell you the oh so obviously fictitious story of God as a child.

One day as the sun rose on God's creation called earth, God decided to play a little game. God would take one thing and place it in two places at once and show His creation: "Look what I can do!" and He spun the electrons of a quark in San Fransisco and while the other quark in New York spun its electrons the same way at the same time. This had God's creation whirling with excitement and awe!
Then God got bored and as He heard His mother calling Him for dinner, He left earth spinning awaiting the next big happening.
After God finished dinner (and yes, God eats His vegetables!), He came back to earth and began playing with His creation again. This time He created an exotic meson that appeared in New York for a trillionth of a trillionth of a second and then disappeared. God made sure that only the highest authority of His creation knew of the appearance, however, everyone heard about the mysterious appearance and grew very wary.
God's mother came up to Him after He released the meson and put Him into a time-out for teasing His creation.

The End.

This story is not meant to offend anybody and is merely a fictitious story. I believe in an all-powerful God of grace and mercy who would never be portrayed like this in reality.

Here's to you Amy! (if you in fact are reading this post)

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