Dear John...

So we had our very first Redeemer Campus Ministry Movie Night and guess who all came? Women... And guess what movie they all wanted to watch? Dear John. A movie based on the book by Nicholas Sparks. We got to talking after the movie and wondered what kind of guy Nicholas must be in real life... And we unanimously said "a jerk" It was pretty classic.

But anyway, this movie wasn't half bad. It really hit home for me because I am away from my loved one for two years, granted, she's not in the army, but still. I get to write her letters every day telling her everything.

I hope that someday I don't come back and find that Kristi has gotten engaged with another man. That is the only thing that I took away from that movie. The funny thing is, the man couldn't do anything about it! That's just like a woman I tell ya! (Just kidding, I am in love with a woman who could never leave me).

That's the end!

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