Christmas Comes Too Soon

This year more than any year before, Christmas snuck up on me.

I was found at the stores with all the other men doing some last minute Christmas shopping. 

Why does Christmas always seem to sneak up on people?  We believers know that we celebrate Christ-Mass.  The birth of our Savior.  The answer to our questions.  The hope amidst hopelessness.  The good paying job during recession.  The beauty of it all is that Jesus Christ was born to save the entire world, not just believers.  God wants the whole world to be saved. 

However, the season before Christmas is Advent, which is the anticipation of both Christ's first birth, but also Christ's promised second coming.  This second coming will sneak up like a thief in the night. 

This is very much how I feel about Christmas this year, it snuck up on me and I bet it snuck up on others as well.  I hope that when Christ really does come for the second time, that we all are ready for it.

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