It's official! After jumping off of the black rocks on Presque Isle into the vast and frigged Lake Superior, I am a participating Yooper. I was hoping for the officialism of being a native Yooper, but I guess only the people born and raised here get that title. There are so many great things about being UP here (haha, Upper Peninsula):

I get to enjoy the best of every climate. Cooler summers, warmer autumn and winter and no spring=no allergies! I can't believe I have never discovered such a place before! Yesterday, the 6th of August, the temperature was 65 degrees all day and that night, it got down to 56 degrees! This is my kind of summer :)

I am only five minutes away from national forest! In the summer and fall, this is a perfect opportunity to enjoy hikes and camping. Also, for being in the midwest, there is a big elevation difference here. There are also bike trails all over the place!

There is a ski mountain within city limits! I love downhill skiing, I just never got around to driving to the nearest hill. This winter, I will be downhill skiing more often than I ever have in a season before. :)

Anyway, enough about that stuff, the most important part is the great church that I have the opportunity to serve at this year. Ever since I arrived this past Saturday, I have felt a part of the family here. I don't know if it is the region or if its the church, but everyone, and I mean everyone, is very friendly and welcoming.

I can't wait to start meeting all the college kids and the high school and jr high youth this next month here. It was something that I was incredibly nervous about, but now it is something that I can't wait to happen.

There will be more to come later!

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