Jumpin' Jiblets!

I know, Jiblets is spelled Giblets, but it didn't work with the title! I just thought that I would give an update as today was the first major event for the NMU college students. Yesterday I was kind of nervous, but God gave me confidence when students started showing up early!

Thus when it was said, plan the feast and they shall come. Was proven accurate for me. And my nerves were eased instantly. We even had two new students come! We prayed before we left and then went for a hike and ended at an island where we jumped off the rocks!

After a little while jumping, we started climbing around on the rocks which was fun in itself. Then all 12 of us crammed into a suburban, it was very interesting and I wish I had a picture of it, but I don't :(

Oh, and when we first got there, a dude who had been drinking came up to me and asked if we were a church group. It was an opportunity to share what we do and witness to Jesus' love and also to invite him to our Bible studies in the future!

Overall it was a very exciting day and I look forward for more to come!

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