Fried Egg & Cheese

So today for lunch, I decided to go a little homemade. I fried up an egg, put some cheese on it, in an attempt at making an omelet. I have never made an omelet before so this was going to be experimental. It just so turns out, that I NEARLY had it! It was a dilapidated pile of egg and cheese that just so happened to fit perfectly in between two slices of bread. Not just any bread mind you, 12-grain wheat bread :)

I felt so good after eating this egg and cheese sandwich that I made from scratch that it gave me the satisfaction to make possibly the biggest decision I have made in quite a while. I, hereforth, solemnly swear to make meals at my house until I manage to shed 40 lbs. This home cooking will consist of balanced meals (including breakfast!), at least one meal a day will have something green in it. And I will watch my portions and eat only until I am no longer hungry and not stuff until I want to collapse on the couch.

This change of heart is not only to shed the unappealing weight, it is also in effort to remain healthy and take care of the body that God has given me. If what the Bible says about your body being a temple of the Holy Spirit, then there isn't much room for the Holy Spirit amidst all the crap that I put into my body.

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