Fall Fest

On a day with clear skies and bright sunshine, universities across the nation begin their first day of classes. And what typically comes with the first day of classes? An opportunity for clubs and organizations to get their name out in some way or another. Northern Michigan University, which is the university that I do ministry for, has an annual Fall Fest. They open up the center knoll area on campus to student organizations and even some local businesses for the day. As students are walking to and fro going to class or going to lunch or just roaming around actually looking for student organizations to get involved with, I was there with my Redeemer Campus Ministry booth and cookies meeting people as they walked by.

It was an interesting experience to say the least. It was great to have a presence there on campus and that is essential, however, in the setting that it was it wasn't very effective. There were some things that I could have done to make it more effective, but there are also just places and times that you can't really reach in a relational manner. Soliciting at a festival where a hundred other people were soliciting their group is not helpful. However, it wasn't a complete loss. I did have the chance to meet some new folk and let them know about upcoming things and some of them did show relative interest. The best I can do is plant the seed and pray.

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