Life on the Kuhl Farm - Day 4

Today I woke up at the crack of dawn, if not before, to say goodbye for now to my princess. She was headed up the road to Menaga, MN to do some staff training for summer camp. The next few days will be interesting without her here...

Woke up at 8:20am to King Burdell tapping awkwardly on my knee saying "king, its time to get up for church!" This startled me a little and then I rolled back to sleep. Then the princess' sister Kayli came to the door and stood there and hollered to get up and get dressed for church. This is when I woke up and got dressed for church. I threw on some black slacks and a bright red shirt and novelty tie with books of the bible on it that I got from the Kuhl family just the previous Christmas.

That was when I walked into the bathroom to tie the tie and saw my hair and gasped! I needed the new P.C. that King Burdell gave me for my birthday! I swept the P.C. through my hair until it laid nice and greasily flat. I didn't have near enough time to shower. I brushed my teeth and then walked downstairs to grab my Sunday shoes. (Yes, I own Sunday shoes...) We hopped in the pickup and away to church we went.

King Burdell and I had some small talk in the pickup on the way to church and then arrived and the talking came to a halt so they could try and find a place at the senior breakfast to put me as I am not a part of the Kuhl family...yet. Once I got settled into the chair I continued my usual silence while everyone talked about old times around me, I occasionally will insert my two cents here and there. Then Burdell will mention me and my connection with her daughter and my upcoming internship in Marquette, MI. Then I would feel welcomed into the conversation only for the moment until they continued talking farm talk. :)

Breakfast had a few speakers who spoke about the post high school adventures and safe decisions yadda-yadda-yadda. Most of the monologue was concluded with some sort of statement of encouragement in Christ and staying connected with God in college and life beyond. After breakfast we went up to the sanctuary.

We sat through the service and watched Mindy receive her senior quilt from the congregation as well as Mindy play viola as Jolene accompanied her. After the church service Burdell and I went out to Subway to have some quality man bonding time. We had some great conversation regarding his church and the general situation of the church of this century.

We got back to home base and immediately went to work on changing the oil in my car. This was some more fun man bonding time. I heard old time stories of old friends of Burdell's. While we were waiting for the oil to drain we began taking my passenger door apart. We did this because my window didn't stay shut due to a mechanism failure.

This was the most difficult part of the project. We got the door apart successfully and now we had to try and figure out how to block the window up so it stays shut. We toyed with several different ideas from a bolt to a 2x4, we ended up using a small lathe. We got it in successfully and now we had to figure out how it will stay secure. We were on a farm so we grabbed some wire. All there and secured, we began to put the door back together.

Once we cleaned up the shop, we slowly made our way over to the Morten shed to help the ladies with whatever setup needs to be done. Turns out they had quilts that needed hanging. This was a task. It would have been really easy if we all agreed on one way to get the job done. We had two 18 ft long 2x2 bars that we would place the quilts between and then we c-clamped them together. Easy right? Try again, this project alone took nearly two hours to complete. Once we got it c-clamped we got it hung up on pullies attached to the rafters of the shed.

Once this was done I was ready for a nap. I went inside only to find more work to be done. It was nearly 5pm and the Kuhls' were headed to a graduation party of a person I did not know so I just as well stayed at home base. I then hopped on the kabota lawn mower and finished up some lawn that Burdell had yet to do. This was good because it kept me busy.

I finished with that in about an hour and then I came inside and made some mac'n'cheese for dinner. I walked upstairs and ate food while watching House. After this, I got ready for bed and then a certain princess called me up. :)

This was the perfect end to a day of work. Stay tuned for the next update!

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