Just thought that I would throw a shout out to Kevin Hall this day for my appreciation of his final examination process. I am all for testing learnings, but when it falls under such stressful conditions, I would much rather demonstrate my learnings in a way that is less stressing.

I personally had no experience with final exams until I first came to college. Let me tell you, they were the death of me. The way that I went through high school was turning in final presentations to demonstrate my learnings throughout the course. I feel it is more recall than recognition processing. And most people learn and retain more information when it is recall and applicable than just plain recognition.

This begs the question, how much am I actually learning from my courses that do have final exams that I tend to cram for no matter how hard I try not to? There are a few professors that understand the importance of recall memory and application and emphasize it in their class. I appreciate these professors.

Overall, I look back at the courses that I have taken and remembered the most from and none of them had final examination tests at the end. Let's look into life application learning and recall presenting.

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