Life on the Kuhl Farm - Day 3

Today was an early morning for my princess, but she let me sleep in. Kristi was in the shed all morning listening to orders from the Queen. She ended up falling off of a 7' ladder that was sitting on a flatbed pickup truck. Don't worry, she was fine and the Queen didn't even flinch seeing her princess fall.

The shed is coming together, we got the trailer in with all the displays up, we got the main tables up, got the chairs all power washed and wiped and ready. We rode to the snowmobile club to get the rest of the chairs. Thankfully those were clean already.

I'm starting to realize the relationship between the king and queen and how to work with both. Hopefully I am making a good enough impression with the king because that's the important part.

The afternoon seemed to fly right by. Getting ready for a late night drive-in movie in Luverne with the crew got me pumped. Kristi and I went and saw Mindy at KFC and ate there for dinner. Then we came back home and got ready for the drive-in. Packed all the blankets we could see which are now currently laying strewn on the floor of the bedroom I am using and pillows to lay on. We saw Shrek 3 and Iron Man 2. I dozed during Shrek to be sure to be wide awake for Iron Man 2. We had some cranky neighbors in a Hummer and I just wanted to ask them why they purchased a Hummer. (they aren't nearly as efficient as the Chevy pickup we were driving).

We drove back home after the drive-in and crashed for the night. Tomorrow we will get to sleep in :) Today will be the day that we celebrate 6 months of dating (the date isn't until the 28th but we will be apart so this is an early celebration). The plan is to take her to the Falling Waters Grille in Souix Falls. She has the entertainment aspect of the evening :)

That's all for now, stay tuned for the next update!

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