Life on the Kuhl Farm - Day 1

So after school got out, I went home and looked forward to visiting the magical land of the Kuhl Farm. Mainly I was excited to meet the princess of the Kuhl Farm, Miss Kristi Kuhl herself :). On Tuesday morning I took off driving to Worthington, it was quite the trek. 3 hours later, I arrived at the magical land of the Kuhl Farm and lo to my surprise, the princess was not there :(. I met the queen, Mrs. Jolene Kuhl, and man did she have work for me. It was like I had to serve the queen to be graced with the presence of the princess.

The princess arrived!! As I was watering the flowers all dirty and grimy, the princess arrives in her beautiful outfit. She runs up to me and gives me a wonderful hug and says that she has an issue. I asked her what it was and she said that she could not tell me. I began to ask her if it was life or death and she said maybe, if it doesn't get fixed in two hours. I immediately insisted that she tell me what was wrong and then she told me the story of how an evil man was after her. As much as she remembers he was after her with a lustful glare. And I told her that I'd protect her from this evil man. And that we needed to go fight him off immediately because I cannot stand to see my princess in such turmoil.

We ran inside the cottage and I stood by the door to protect my princess from such an evil man. Then my princess ran up to me and hugged me from behind and gave me a huge kiss on the cheek and told me that the man had been ceased in the courtyard after the armed guardsmen saw him chase after a woman. It was a happy ending to an even happier stay.

I just happened to come to the magical land of the Kuhl Farm on the day of my birth and oh did my princess have surprises for me. First she pulls out a binder full of hand typed recipes that I would be wise to use. "This is just the beginning" my princess says. After that she throws a bag of mints at me and says "happy birthday surprise number 2!" The night is getting better and better. Before we take off to the city to watch her sisters sing and play in a concert performance at Worthington Senior High, she takes me outside, blindfolds me and makes me think that I am getting something named Daniel. Turns out that Daniel is a poster board used to store a custom made photo collage of our first 5 months of dating. :)

Later in the evening we made four cakes to be eaten at the celebration of birth the following evening. The best part was when we were done with the chocolate batter, King Burdell offered to clean off the spoon and the bowl. Baking cakes was an experience that I hope to relive in the future with my princess.

The close of the night we packed up the wagon with blankets and pillows and went out past the farm and into one of the fields to watch the night sky and saw several shooting stars as well as the edge of the Milky Way. After this we rode the wagon back to the cottage and said goodnight for the evening.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's grand adventure at the magical land of the Kuhl Farm!

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  1. It sounds like you had a nice birthday!