Real Reason for the Season

Today I have been thinking about the saying "Jesus is the reason for the season" in reference to Christmas.  And I feel like we believers focus on that in order to deter from the normal shopping frenzy and santa clause syndrome that so much of our culture resides. 

I would challenge believers to embrace the shopping frenzy in an attitude of giving.  Let's not focus piously on Jesus for piety's sake.  Let's embrace Jesus for His wonderful giving attribute.  I am not saying that we should give in to the temptation to buy tons of gifts for everyone we know.  I am not saying that we should not give gifts at all either.  I am merely pondering what God gave to us in Jesus Christ and the mission for us to pass that on. 

Do you give Christmas gifts in order to get some in return?  What is the point of that? 

I want to give the gift of time and fellowship, something that will be cherished forever.  My grandmother is slowly losing life and I want to give her nothing more than my presence (and a cute sweatshirt) to show how much I appreciate her.  Through this gift I am also passing on the gift that God has given us.  The gift that we celebrate every year around this time. 

I want to give to people who cannot give back to me.  This is true to the gift that God has given to us: there is no way for us to ever repay Him.

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