A New Day Has Dawn

A new day has dawn within me.  All the motivation that I have had for college has shifted to a motivation towards work and the unlimited potential of starting a small business.  Is it wrong to feel this way?  I certainly hope not as it seems the nation needs this kind of motivation if we are to climb out of this depression.  Higher education has become the new High School, a basic standard for attaining a job.  The nation has grown quite successful at brainwashing individuals into the very standard career ambitions and have sucked the innovation out of the common person. 

I am glad to say that I will be graduating in May with a Christian Worldview Major that will be used as basic life training towards my ambitions of starting my own technology business.  The purpose of this business will be to provide tech support and improvements to individuals and companies who do not want technology to prevent them from attaining the highest customer service. 

Once I graduate in May I will find work with a small technology business to earn income and pay off student loan debt while I study entrepreneurship and small business with a free program provided by one of the ivy league colleges. 

Until that new day has come, I pray for the best in the nation's future.

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