Next Stop...MIT

Okay, maybe not the exact next stop, but I have been looking into MIT's small business courses that are offered online for free. 

Currently, I am studying for my A+ certification exam.  This exam is on basic computer hardware and software as well as customer service in the computer related field.  This is the first step on my road to starting up my own computer support and repair service company.  It will be called something more catchy than that not to worry. :)

Those being set as my overall ambitions, I need to strive to attain some knowledge and experience in the small business field.  As I start out this journey, I need some certifications.  As I am not a Computer Science major, I need some formal achievements that can be found in certification programs through CompTIA.  Once I have those, I hope to start out with some side work at Backpack Tactics while I continue to learn more from MIT's online courses. 

After a few years in the lower 48, my fiance, soon to be wife, wants to start a family up in Alaska.  Now Alaska is a very difficult place to start up a computer repair business, however, there is only one official business located in Anchorage that offers its services, so the location is prime.  The only difficulty with the location is shipping the parts from the lower 48.  Thereby, I will start small with freelance projects and then set up a home base to do hardware repairs at a relatively affordable rate. 

It has always been my passion to help people.  That is why I started out in ministry education.  However, God has now given me insight into my gifts and talents as a technician and taught me that I can help people with their earthly technology to build the relationship to eventually help people with heavenly matters. 

So onto the next stop on my journey!

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