Pyramid Scheme of Ministry

We often look at pyramid schemes as a negative thing.  Something that will take away and cheat you out of the things you want.  Well, in ministry I have learned that pyramid schemes may be effective.  I have spent the past several months beating myself up because I can't make it to everything the students are involved in.  I feel like I'm cheating them out of a quality youth minister.  I've been reading through Doug Fields' book Your First Two Years in Ministry and he talks about the art of multiplication as opposed to addition.

He sets this example:

"If I set aside one hour a day to spend with two students Wednesday through Friday, I can meet with six students each week--24 per month.  But if, during those same days, I spend 30 minutes a day training a leader to spend time with students and 30 minutes a day with a student, at the end of the week I've connected with three students and three leaders.  If each of those three leaders spend time with three students during the week, together we'll have ministered to 48 students a month, which is 100 percent more than I could have met with by myself."

Does this mean that me as a youth minister am ignoring the students?  I used to think so, but in fact, I am giving the students someone better to connect with.  I believe what a teenager needs today is to know that someone cares.  Then that student has someone to connect with, someone to look forward to going to church with.  This adult who would mentor the student and be available more often than I would make a larger impact in that students life.  It is simply stated that I am looking out for the greater good of the student.  I still connect with every student, I'm still there for every student; every student simply has a closer mentor to connect with on a regular basis.

I'm diving into a new territory here and I pray that the Lord guide me as He has to this point.  And I also pray for the students of Redeemer Lutheran Church, that they continue to walk in faith and are encouraged in everything they do.

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