Glitter In My Hair...

You better hope that you get invited to the wedding so that you can see the wonderful work that Kristi and I slaved over this past week.  Over 30 hours of work to produce 250 wedding invitations.  And as we winded down we kept thinking about when our kids grow up and get married how we will look back and give them the best advice ever: do not bother trying to make your own wedding invitations just order them.

But seriously, I had a good time making our wedding invitations this week.  It gave Kristi and I lots of time to talk and dream about future endeavors.  The more we made invitations the more I thought about how many people we were going to invite and quite possibly how many left over invitations we will have.  And then the big news came about the end of the world and that took the invitations into a metaphorical spiral.  Was I invited to heaven?  Well, at the time it was in question, but after that I felt stupid.  Of course I'm invited to heaven.  Jesus Christ gave me the invitation and RSVP'd for me!

Sometimes we get so caught up in who we're inviting rather than who will come.  Let me try and break this down.  Rather than inviting a few family and friends, what if we invited everyone we knew and then whoever came came.  It's kind of like God's Kingdom in my eyes.  God has invited everyone into the Kingdom, it is now down to who will accept the invitation and believe in the Way.

Anyway, back to the concrete.  I had so much glitter everywhere.  The invitations that we made were a wet emboss so we stamped a clear "glue" and then poured glitter on it and then heated it with a tool and it was embossed.  Well, Kristi is not a huge fan of glitter so I had the job of stamper and glitterer while she ran the heating gun.  So the entire week I had glitter all over my face and in my hair.  To this day, I probably have glitter in my hair...

Oh the things we do for love.  :)

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