Death Brings Forth Life

Here I sit, it is the end of May.  I've been in Marquette and a part of Redeemer Lutheran Church for the better part of ten months.  And in that time I have had the privilege to get to know plenty of people.  But there were two ladies that stuck out in particular.  They were best friends and they both underwent some severe medical trauma while I have been here.  The thing that I remember most is always being able to see a smile on their faces tagged with a hearty greeting every Saturday evening worship service.

They began to show signs of aging about six months into my internship and I never put much thought into it.  But there came a time when they both were in the hospital at the same time.  In the same room.  What a blessing they thought it was to be roommates during this time.  I can tell you one thing, when I went to the hospital to visit them, they always were optimistic.  They always showed God's love and were tough till the end.

And now it is that they both have passed away.  They have gone to be with their Heavenly Father.  Death no longer is in their future.  It is through their death that they received life eternal.

It makes me think of death as the cumulation of all sin.  Once we die, there is nothing holding us back from being in Perfect fellowship with God.  Do we have to wait until our earthly life is through to experience this?  Some would say so.  But I understand the words of Paul the Apostle in Romans chapter 6.  The entire chapter speaks to this act of being dead to sin and alive to Christ as if it happens right now, at baptism.

"The death [Christ] died, he died to sin once for all; but the life he lives, he lives to God." Romans 6:10  Christ did away with death and sin that we shall have life and life to God.  Praise and Glory be to God forever and ever for this great and wonderful act of grace.

This post is in honor and remembrance of Laverne Morris and Joyce Mills who are truly friends forevermore. 

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