Black and White Faith

Ever since color television came out it seems that the world is flying by with no real standard configuration.  I do not mean that humans can configure to something standard, but taking the parallel, we as Christians live in a standard and absolute "configuration"

Faith is a black and white matter.  You either believe that Jesus Christ died and rose forgiving all your sins so that you can no longer fear death but live in eternal life, or you don't.

I wonder at times if we haven't re-written our own Bible with all the commentaries and denominations that have very different viewpoints.  If God is up in heaven looking down at His people probably shaking His head at how complex we have made salvation.

I can just imagine Him saying, "I told you that whoever believed in my Son will have eternal life."

Does this mean that we should keep on sinning because God forgives all of our sins?  I think this is an issue that Paul dealt with in Rome.  Again, I think it was God's people complicating the matter of faith and trying to weasel their way into getting their own desires out of it.

Is faith complex?  When you put it into the hands of a sinful human race, then yes it would appear to be complex.  If you listen and hear God alone, believe in what He says and admit that you are a sinful person in need of a Savior, then no.  Faith is as simple as black and white.

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