Technological Analogies to Life

This is how I feel lately...

I'm all full up and am running slower than usual.  If only I could use the "disk cleanup" on my life.  So now the analogies* come.

I can "compress" my life by creating a to do list and organizing what needs to be done.

I can "defragment" my life by taking the to do list and prioritizing it and knock things out one by one.

I can "delete" parts of the things on my to do list, but then again what if I need to do them again and now their gone...

I can "archive" some of the items, put them on other peoples' disks.

I can "format" my life, but that would be baaaaaad.....

I can "scan" my life with anti-virus but that just wouldn't do anything.

But then again, I could just move some things in my life to another area like I would move some items to an external hard drive.

Or... I could get rid of my 20 gigabyte partition of Ubuntu that I still have installed and haven't used for ages.  But that's just crazy talk!

*Remember as you read this that all analogies tend to fall short of what is actually meant.

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