It's a Love Story, Baby I said Yes!

Our Engagement: As told by Kristi....

I knew Adam was planning on visiting me over Thanksgiving break. He had not told me what time he was planning on arriving but I received a phone call from him around 6:30pm and he said
 “Come to the place where you go in-between classes”
and then he hung up. Slightly confused I went first to the Pearson Commons and then to the Campus Ministry Center (CMC) only to find Adam dressed in suit and tie. Out of his inside coat pocket he pulled out a small slip of white paper that said
“This is the beginning of a wonderful adventure to which our life together will begin. Your first clue will be found at a place with the sparkly sign and food with fun board games. Let us start this journey together as we reflect on how much we’ve been through”

 I knew that this clue led to the Chatterbox Pub ( in St. Paul. We got in the car and drove to the Chatterbox on Cleveland Ave. Once there we were seated and played a game of battleship while waiting for our food to arrive. Upon receiving our check the waiter handed another slip of paper and revealed a second clue!
“The next clue is located at a place in which the luck flows. It is here that you found out how much I truly love you as we rolled balls down the alley. I let you win J

     I knew that it was at a bowling alley and I didn’t figure it was at the one back home or in Hutchinson. Since I had only been to one bowling alley in the twin cities we quickly got in the car and drove to Flaherty's Bowl in Arden Hills. Upon arrival I had no idea where to go to look for a clue. After some guidance from Adam I found a clue tapped under a table near the gumball machine it read
 “It was this night in which I attempted to make your favorite meal and I failed. You will find the next clue at the properly made part of the meal”
I immediately flashed back to the night that Adam attempted to make me homemade fettuccini Alfredo. The Alfredo sauce was the part of the meal that Adam did not successfully accomplish but that night was amazing as I saw how much work he had put into this one meal. After recalling that night I knew that the clue would be somewhere near Alfredo sauce perhaps a grocery store of some sort. Adam had to give me a little more guidance for me to discover which grocery store and we got on the road and drove to Cub Foods located in the Midway. 

I found the proper isle where canned Alfredo sauce was and looked real hard. I could not find the clue. After some slight direction I spotted it tapped underneath the Alfredo sauce shelf. I was amazed that some Cub Foods worker had not spotted it and ripped the clue off to thrown in the garbage. In amazement I read the next clue…
“It was here in which I first spotted you and fell in love without knowing any better. As we sang songs, I could always pick out your voice in this room”
The choir room! Back to Concordia campus we drove and upon reaching the choir room doors the next clue was spotted
“It was in this place that we spent the evening dancing and having fun. You even go leid in this place!”
I thought of spring fling earlier that year and the Hawaiian Luau theme where I received a purple lei. It was held on campus in the Buenger Education Center (BEC). Sure enough after reaching the BEC was yet another clue!

“I spent a lot of time here that which you may not know. I would talk to God about our relationship and pray that He would always be the center of our relationship.”
Perhaps the chapel I thought. As we began to walk toward the chapel Adam stopped me and said “guess again”. I thought maybe at a church of some sort, but after informing me that this place was on campus I realized that it must be in the prayer chapel. 

I got to the prayer chapel and went inside. I looked around but could not find anything. I went over to the alter and sure enough, under the bible was the next clue...
“It is here we take our rest and you will finish the adventure in the morning. I hope that you can find some sleep. The clue for tomorrow is found at a place in which we had lunch one time. To give you a hint, cluck, cluck, cluck, we were late to our next class.”
I was confused! You can’t seriously expect me to wait to finish this adventure until the morning?! No, Adam was serious. I had anticipation for what was to come. I had an inkling but was not sure of what was coming. Miraculously I was far too excited for Adam’s visit that I was able to take my mind of the scavenger hunt by catching up with Adam and after talking into the early morning hours I dozed off into sleep.
The next morning I awoke at around 10:30am. I went out into the living room to find Adam already awake and awaiting my presence.
“Ready to go?” he asked
After getting dressed in “real clothing” we headed to the Midway Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). We ordered lunch and ate at one of the high stool tables that Adam had specially picked out for us. After we finished our meal Adam asked me if I knew where the clue was at. I had no idea. He informed me that I would not have to move to find it. 

I looked around and felt under the table to which I found a ducted taped paper that read...
“The next clue is found near the place that we huddled to keep warm in the howling wind and rain. It was built recently, and we went on this day to witness something very special. The clue is located under the nearest bench”
I had no idea, quite honestly. The clue was very vague from my point of view. Adam gave me a hint that we went here to watch one of my sisters. I thought of Kayli and her marching band competitions but none that I could remember were in the rain.
“Baseball!” Adam exclaimed
I then realized the clue was at the new Twins Stadium and the “something special” that we witnessed was when my younger sister Kayli went to sing the National Anthem at the Twins game earlier in the spring.
Pictures from the day that the clue is referencing. 
 I found the next clue and it read
"This is both a park and a zoo and it is a place where I came to first rescue you"

I knew it was at Como Lake since that is where we had been times before. Upon arrival at Como Lake I had a pretty good idea of where to look since there was always one bench in particular that we had been to many times before and sure enough under the bench I saw the clue and it said:
“The next clue is found where we enjoyed a special picnic. Follow the trail to the shoreline and go right. You will find there what you are looking for.”
I was shaking with excitement. Is this going to be what I think it is?! We drove to a trail that Adam had previously taken me on a picnic. Walking through the snow I could hear my heart in my head pounding. After going down a steep embankment toward the partially frozen Mississippi River Adam stopped walking.

“This is it” he said
I looked around and saw nothing; after turning me slightly I saw it. There it was carved in the rock it read “Will you marry me?”
“You did that? You did that. You did that!” I exclaimed
Then Adam got down on one knee and said
“Here I am down on one knee to submit to you, and one knee up to support you, Kristi Kay Kuhl will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?”
“Yes! Yes! Yes I will!”
It was perfect, the whole thing was perfect. The half frozen Mississippi River, the rock, the crisp cold earth beneath my feet, and then…it began to snow!! How absolutely perfect!


  1. Great job Adam. Sheer awesomeness.

  2. Well done :) (I like the part about making her wait til the next day!! hahaha) -- Anna