New Diet

Today I waltzed into church with a gallon of water. Many made odd looks but none really questioned. Well, I'm sure you all would have questioned it if you saw me because I had my suit coat on and my backpack slung over one shoulder and this water jug. I was not a normal person this morning.

I didn't get the chance to explain except to one who I admire. A sir John Fegan. I explained to him that I was attempting to start a new diet. I am attempting to start a small portion diet. That is my creative name for it and I am sure it is already invented somewhere on the internet. But my goal is to eat 5-6 smaller portioned meals during the day while consuming at least 1 gallon if not 2 gallons of water per day.

This is in effort to cut some lbs and also maintain a healthy physique. There are heart issues in my family history as well as diabetes and I don't want to become susceptible to those things!

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