Competency vs. Reliance?

I was in a ministry meeting this morning and there was a Licensed Professional Counselor invited to talk about Counseling and Consultation Services for Northern Michigan University and the time was very eye-opening and shocking.

The one thing that rubbed me the wrong way is when the counselor stated that we as ministers need to help the students realize that they are competent to get through any problem. It was in the context of co-dependency on a certain person. The counselor made it sound like there is nothing that can help an individual more than being aware of their own strengths. And that goes against everything that I have ever learned as a child of God.

In my understanding, our competency is found in Christ alone. If it is found in anything else it has a self-glorification effect involved. "I know what I need more than God does" This is just the kind of behavior that Christ got upset about! I mean look at all of the pharisees who thought they knew everything and they were the only competent Jews. Christ told them what for!

In a respectful manner, I do see a valid point that the counselor was bringing up. There are people in the world who need to feel a sense of ownership of their own problems. However, it is my hope that people will attribute that ownership to the grace of God.

God has rescued us from every evil grasp and He gives us the power to defend ourselves through His Word. The competency is found by the Spirit and the Word of God. This competency is being competent in the only thing that matters. God has given us all things and to Him be the glory, for ever and ever.

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